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CAN-Bus Interface for VW RNS-510/MFD3 CAN TP 1.6 with TV-Free - DSP Sound

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Specific Interface for retrofitting a navigation unit VW RNS 510 with touch screen in older vehicles with CAN Bus TP 1.6


Suitable for:

Touareg Facelift 2008 - GP


Unrestricted function with additional connection of modules (eg, video) can not be guaranteed

To avoid malfunctions, it is recommended only CAN bus to obstruct Interface + RNS 510 - Without additional components

The TV-free function is already integrated in this interface, so no additional module is necessary

Simulation of all necessary signals:

Multifunction steering wheel (limited to volume control)



Reversing signal

speed signal

DSP Sound (PR 9VE)

Time / Date (if the vehicle supported)

TV tuner / Multimedia Adapter Support

MFA support the display

radio stations


HDD / SD Card


Language settings from the instrument cluster are taken

Plug & Play

The display of the navigation data (arrows) by MFA is not yet supported


Chosen option: 

DSP Sound (PR 9VE) available



CAN Bus Interface incl. TV free

GPS extension

Antenna Adapter Radio




Not suitable for vehicles with factory fitted rear view camera (special solution on request)

Use only devices with part numbers Index A For vehicles up to model year 2007,

Use only devices with part numbers Index B For vehicles from model year 2008,

Simultaneous Installation CAN Bus Interface + IMA Multimedia Adapter for navigation units RNS 510 up to software version 1202


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